Juguemos Juntos

About the Initiative

Spring 2021

Dear friend,

I am pleased to announce 4 the Border’s new Juguemos Juntos Initiative!

As you know, 4 the Border assigns 100% of its funds to food packages, and we are dedicated to keeping it this way. Despite the endless support we receive from you and the large number of packages we are able to produce, there is still never enough food to go around. Feeding our target population will always be our primary goal.

However, since deliveries take place in Tijuana, we are aware that there are few opportunities for engagement with our project apart from monetary donations. Because of this, we’ve decided to introduce Juguemos Juntos, which means “Let’s Play Together”. We are collecting used toys that no longer serve you or your child. Our plan is to distribute these toys to children alongside our food packages.

Please don’t go out of your way to buy toys, because as stated above, delivering food is our utmost priority. However, Juguemos Juntos is a great opportunity for non-monetary contributions!

We accept any and all toys that a child living on the street could use. Please keep in mind that these children are on the streets and quite active throughout the day, so toys with many small pieces or anything that requires a battery would not be a good fit.

If you don’t have toys to get rid of, no worries! We’d be grateful if you passed along the news of our initiative to your children, grandchildren, or friends. Email us for more information about Juguemos Juntos.

Thank you for all your help!


What we are looking for

  • plastic figurines

  • dolls

  • jump ropes

  • balls

  • toy cars

  • and anything else you think of!
    (just no battery-operated or overly complex toys)

Send a child a drawing

The homeless child that receives your toy is most likely illiterate, but we encourage you or your little ones to send them a hand-drawn picture!

More ways to help

Share our initiative with your children, grandchildren, and friends.

Click here for a flyer that you can share with your community!